Protect bears through the harsh winter

After years spent in captivity, many bears at our partner sanctuaries no longer know how to hibernate. With a harsh winter ahead and limited funding due to the pandemic, they need you. Give now and you can double your impact.

Our vision is a world where animals live free from cruelty and suffering. Together we can move the world to protect animals.
Over 70% of emerging infectious diseases affecting human health originate in wildlife – SARS, Ebola, and now COVID-19. Join us in calling for a global ban on the wildlife trade.
A lion and tiger cub at an undisclosed venue in South Africa offering petting and interaction with big cats. Venues like this sometimes have industrial scale pens of larger, young lions and tigers mixed together. These are cubs that have grown too big for the visitor petting experiences. They are likely to become targets for canned hunting, with their bones then being used in traditional medicine. Credit Line: Pippa Hankinson / Blood Lions
You have the power to stop the cruelty and help animals lead safe, natural lives. Your gift will support our fight to end the cruel wildlife trade.
Biggetje achter tralies
75% of the world's antibiotics are used on farm animals. This poses a serious risk to us all and requires urgent action.